Work is the Best Fun!

Work is the Best Fun!

Vanguards are now finally settled into their work rotations! For the rest of the year, Vanguards will work around camp all day Tuesday – Thursday with our full-time staff. While it’s great for Vanguards to learn the specific skills that come with these rotations, they also reinforce personal responsibility, time management, communication, critical thinking and other transferrable skills.

(L to R) Jacleen and the Barn Vanguards, Josh, Dan, and Sarah, rode to the top of Ski Hill!

(L to R) Jacleen and the Barn Vanguards, Josh, Dan, and Sarah, rode to the top of Ski Hill!

At the barn, Vanguards are feeding, giving medications & supplements, maintaining the barns and buildings, cleaning and repairing tack and equipment, as well as keeping our herd tuned up & fresh. Here, Jacleen is riding Charlie, Josh is on Ace, Dan on Hawk, and Sarah on Hope. They had a blast riding to the top of Ski Hill to enjoy the fall colors and give the horses a little work out!

Construction Vanguards, David and Seth, are busy clearing the Loberg attic so they can better insulate the space. They’re working with Baronger and our Construction Manager, George Polcaster, to complete the project before winter sets in. The construction rotation includes regular maintenance, carpentry, mechanical work, drywall and painting.

Axel and Ben prep cookies for lunch!

Axel and Ben prepping cookies for lunch!

Axel and Ben are working hard in the kitchen – yesterday they cooked the best oatmeal raisin cookies for a lunch dessert. In this rotation, Vanguards learn meal prep, menu planning, baking 101, as well as the process of food: where it comes from and the process it takes to get to the table.

Our Hospitality crew, Julianna and Isabelle, are hard at work to turn over cabins from last week’s retreat in time for two retreats this weekend (about 100 students from Wheaton!). They also serve HoneyRock by keeping general use areas (Chrouser, the Chapel, library, etc…) clean and welcoming.


Sarah at work in the office.

Sarah is our lone office Vanguard, but she’s blazing trails! This week, Sarah received an introduction to different systems and tasks that she’ll keep going for the next 2 months as a receptionist/ office assistant. Her role includes responding to guest and student needs, assisting with various projects, organizing mailings, coordinating time cards, etc…

Will (L) and Joseph (R) walk back to the Ops complex after chopping wood.

Will (L) and Joseph (R) walk back to the Ops complex after chopping wood.

Working with Tammy and Scott, Vanguards Will and Joseph have been kept busy on the Grounds rotation. Here, you see them walking back to the Operations Complex after chopping wood. Other tasks include (but are not limited to!) general grounds care, road maintenance, light construction projects, care of activity areas, and soon, snow removal. Will and Joseph are working with Alyssa, Tammy and Scott to keep HoneyRock running well.

We’re so excited to see Vanguards fully involved in both the work and community life at HoneyRock. Tomorrow, Vanguards, Ministry Service Teamers, and Graduate Students are gathering to share a “Wrangler Breakfast” at the wagon circle. We’ll cook eggs & toast, with cheese and bacon as well as chocolate chip pancakes over a fire. It’s going to be a great weekend!

*update: mark your calendars – today we saw our first flurries!

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  1. Thanks so much for this! Could we see some more pictures? I didn’t see all of the Vanguards, would so love to see each of them at their work!
    Thank you!

    • Yes! We’re working on gathering more photos – our goal is to have everyone pictured on the blog regularly (though not always in the same post).

      You’ll be seeing a lot of photos in our next update!

      • So great to see more photos, thank you! It all looks like such a great experience! So pleased and thankful for these Vanguards!

  2. This is fantastic! So good to see all of the Vanguards at work! What a great experience!

  3. Hey, Joseph Sawyer !!!! How about them there Cubbies !!! Hope that you’re having a great time. Go Cubs !!!

  4. Joseph. You don’t know me but I worked with your mom a long time ago. I held you more than once when you were an itty bitty babe. Now you are all grown up. What a great job to have out of doors. Good luck and God bless.

  5. Way to go Joseph Sawyer! You’re making your family proud! Keep up the great work! Love you cousin Julie!

  6. Joseph, here is a message from Grandma: “You look great. I know life is good and you are so loved. God is always there for you. Love ya.”

  7. We enjoyed viewing and reading of all the duties that the
    young people in the Vanguard program are doing.

    They are learning how all of us are interconnected as a
    society. Each and every job experience builds great

    Ellen Barth

  8. Looking good, Joseph Sawyer! Love you lots and praying for you. Go Cubs Go!

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