A Vanguard Weekend

IMG_0602It’s been a crazy few days at the HRC. Wheaton College was on their Fall Break, so over 100 Wheaties are up on a work/play weekend. Vanguards have had a fun couple of days, starting with low ropes team building on Friday afternoon and a Rhinelander excursion Friday evening. Most took a trip into the “big city” to visit Goodwill and Walmart. I believe the trip was originally intended for work clothes, but mostly ended up being more about ironic apparel (read: fuzzy onesie and Rod Stewart Tour ’09 shirt). Of course, they couldn’t come back to HoneyRock without stopping by Taco Bell.

Saturday morning, everyone (Vanguards, MSTs, and grad students) slept in a little bit before heading out to the Wagon Circle for Wrangler Breakfast. We had about 35 people – it was so fun to see everyone who lives on site gathered together for a meal. So fun, in fact, that I forgot to get the camera out until the very end. This is the only picture – Logan driving the shuttle back to main camp!

Saturday afternoon, we went out to the high circuit. Thanks to Julianna and Dan, we have some great pictures of the day!

The high circuit always provides awesome growth opportunities! We saw a lot of problem solving, leaning on partners, learning to trust, taking risks, etc… I think our time on the course mirrors what we’ve been seeing in the Vanguard community over the past week. There’s been this start to a shift in group dynamics taking place. Vanguards are learning how to meet one another where they’re at, to trust, to encourage, and push themselves farther than they thought they could go. We’re excited to see where this takes us in the months to come!

– Sarah, Vanguard Coordinator


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