Creating Committees

Creating Committees


Vanguards brainstorm committee projects.

Last Friday, we gathered to split Vanguards up into what we’re calling “committees”: hospitality, activities, fundraising, and worship. The Vanguards on each committee are responsible for making these areas of the Vanguard experience happen – similar to a college’s student activities council. Our primary goal with these is to empower the Vanguards to have an active role in developing their year, using their strengths and interests.

Earlier in the week, before splitting up into committees, Maddie and Logan led a big group brainstorming exercise where all Vanguards wrote different ideas that each committee could pursue. It was awesome seeing how creative they got in this process! Below is a glimpse into what the groups will be doing in the coming months:

Hospitality: welcoming seminar professors, planning Thanksgiving weekend for VG families, hosting a Vanguard “preview” weekend this spring
Activities: developing the community through recreation – activity tournaments, game nights,  other gatherings
Fundraising: taking the lead with raising support for our February Dominican Republic outreach – brainstorming ideas, managing logistics, coordinating the process
Worship: coordinating worship nights, developing an attitude of worship within the Vanguard community, learning and educating about different worship styles

Vanguards meet in Hillside to discuss committees.

Vanguards meet in Hillside to discuss committees.

Three Vanguards, with one staff member as a facilitator, work together in each of these groups to form the remainder of the year. If you’re wondering what the canvas is in the lower left of the first picture, it’s an 8×12 map that the Vanguards created of Israel while Cyndi Parker, “God’s Big Seminar” professor, was here teaching. It includes major cities, bodies of water, and international trade routes.

— Sarah Davis, Vanguard Coordinator

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    • Wendy – sorry about that! It must have gotten cut out in the header formatting. I just uploaded another that shows the corner of the map (it’s not much). Once the tech fast is over we’ll have a Vanguard write a post that will feature that seminar!

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