A Week in the Life!

A Week in the Life!

The Vanguard blog will now feature posts from our Vanguards! Today, Sarah L. shares about what the last week looked like for her…

Last weekend was Halloween, and our lovely activities committee planned a day of disc golf at the near-by Camp Luther. However, we got rained out, so we had to reschedule our event to the next day. We had a great turn out, with almost 20 people showing up! This included Vanguards (9/12), MSTs, and grad students. It was fun to relax and enjoy a game with so many people who are living on camp!


The ladies who went disc golfing Nov 1 – we had some halloween costumes going on!

On Monday and Friday we had our last sessions of our Ordinary Time Seminar. For this seminar, we’ve been reading With by Skye Jethani. This book is focused on how we should attempt to live with God, not for, from, under, or over Him. I really enjoyed this seminar because it pushed me to re-evaluate how I relate to God. I now better understand that I should be more satisfied in His love for me, and shouldn’t always be trying to do good works in attempts to prove that I love Him.

We didn’t have any Wheaton College professors come up for this seminar, so we had different staff and graduate students leading the sessions. It was especially cool to have the grad students teach us, because it allowed us to interact with them in a new way. We are generally with them in more informal settings, whether it’s playing games in their apartments or just sitting with them at lunch. It was also interesting to get to see all of their different teaching styles, and to learn lessons from With alongside them.

Tuesday through Thursday are our work rotation days. We work from 8-5 alongside the permanent staff, grad students, and MSTs. This rotation I am working in the office! I’ve already been in the office for 4 weeks, and I can’t believe my time there is almost over! I’ve had so much fun learning what it’s like to be an office assistant and getting to perform all the daily tasks of that job.

However, Tuesdays-Thursdays aren’t just about work! In the evenings there’s lots to do! most nights you can find people working out, climbing at the Indoor Wall, or hanging out in the Morgan Center playing pool or ping-pong. We also have some scheduled events during the week. Tuesday nights are testimony nights in Loberg. All of the Vanguards and MSTs gather in our lounge and two or three people have the opportunity to share how God as worked in their lives. On Thursdays, we have small group! We split up into girls and guys, and then have about two hours to dig into the Biblical topics of our group’s choosing. Right now the girl’s small group is working through different “Christian-ese” words and examining what they really mean.

All of the committees have been hard at work the past few weeks trying to get things together for Thanksgiving! I am on the hospitality committee, so right now we’re trying to finalize the menu and create some sort of schedule for the weekend. We are all so excited for our families to come up, and we can’t wait to share HoneyRock with you! See you in less than three weeks!

— Sarah L, Vanguard


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