Looking Back & Giving Thanks

by Julianna Burlet, Vanguard

Well folks, we did it! We survived our first work rotation with smiles on our faces! Friday morning we had a meeting to determine our work rotations, and with that came excitement for a new workspace, but also lots of time to look back fondly on our recently completed rotations and give tips to our fellow Vanguards stepping into our positions. We’ve got a bit of a work reprieve for now, as we have all of Thanksgiving week off to prepare for the holiday and spend time with our families once they arrive — we couldn’t be more excited!

Every morning of the work week here at HoneyRock, we have staff devos to begin the day, and we Vanguards also have times of midday and evening prayer together. While our families are here, we get to take these times into our own hands, which is both exciting and a little intimidating, as there are 43 family members that will be here — no small crowd! Each morning, two of us will be sharing about what The Lord has been teaching us during these past two months of Vanguard, and each evening two Vanguards will be sharing various passages and verses of scripture that hold a special meaning for them. During our midday prayer time we will continue reading through The Divine Hours by Phyllis Tickle.

Heading into Thanksgiving week, I personally am feeling nostalgic about various Thanksgivings spent down with family in Tennessee, Minnesota, and Illinois, and all of the fond memories that I have from eighteen years of spending this holiday with extended family. This year, I’m looking forward to seeing my family and being able to introduce them to my HoneyRock family! I feel so incredibly blessed to share this holiday with people who have watched me grow up (and raised me — thanks Mama and Papa B), and also the people who have molded me and helped me grow immensely these past two months.

Excitement is high around camp, and I think what we’re all most excited about — and at the same time scared for — is Thanksgiving dinner, which is being prepared and cooked by us Vanguards! We all know our turkey and stuffing will never be as good as our moms’, but we’re going to try our best!!!

We’ve been getting some snow which creates icy roads, so please keep our traveling families in your prayers this week! This was taken from just outside our room, behind Lower Loberg.


This Vanguard is over & out.

4 Comments on “Looking Back & Giving Thanks

  1. So excited to spend Thanksgiving at Honeyrock with all of you! I am sure you will do a great job with the dinner, planned activities, devotions etc. We are nothing but grateful to have this time with Joseph and the rest of the Vanguard family. Blessings and prayers to you all as you prepare for this week!

  2. What great joy we parents share with all the Vanguard family. To see how mightily God is building you all fills us with hope. And considering the events that are unfolding here on the outside this week, we desperately need a breath of hope. Focusing on what the God-of-the-angel-armies is doing in you Vanguards is a faith-builder for all of us.
    And we cannot wait to see you ALL!!! Safe travels, everyone…shalom…elizabeth

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