Month: January 2016

¡Adios America!

by Seth, Vanguard Enjoy that title, because it’s the extent of my knowledge of the Spanish language after 4 years of taking the class in high school (sorry mom). This coming Sunday, the Vanguards say “toodles” to the… Read More

XC Worship

By Ben Wunder, Vanguard Last Sunday evening, Benjamin led worship. Here, he reflects on that experience: Salutem! Greetings! I know it’s a bit unorthodox, but I have a quiz for y’all. When it’s 11 below with a light… Read More

DR Fundraising Update!

by Dan Jones, Vanguard Here’s our fundraising update from Dan, a member of our fundraising committee! We are quickly coming up on our immersion trip to the Dominican Republic. Everyone is excited and ready to join Students International… Read More

I Chose You

Photos & Post by Sar I had no idea that a loud, obnoxious and spazzy mule who is terrified of people would become one of my favorite creatures on this planet. But when Erin pointed out our similarities,… Read More

Thursday Nights

by Joseph Sawyer, Vanguard Today, you’re hearing from Joseph! A big part of his Vanguard experience has been the weekly small group times. Here’s his take: “Thursday is the last work rotation day of the week for the… Read More

Spiritual Disciplines

by Axel Barth, Vanguard Yesterday the Vanguards talked about spiritual disciples/discipline. In small groups we discussed what words, ideas, thoughts, and connotations we associated with “spiritual discipline”. Within my group we related the term to prayer, and how… Read More