Spiritual Disciplines

by Axel Barth, Vanguard

Yesterday the Vanguards talked about spiritual disciples/discipline. In small groups we discussed what words, ideas, thoughts, and connotations we associated with “spiritual discipline”. Within my group we related the term to prayer, and how the discipline of prayer is important to allow God to send us in the right direction. We also agreed that it’s significant for one to be disciplined in how they spend their time by honoring God through either reading scripture or serving others. We also thought it was vital for one to be disciplined in trying to remember/relate God to every aspect of their daily life.

After discussing our thoughts as a larger group, Sarah Davis described to us the extent in which spiritual disciplines may range. She and the other Vanguard leaders challenged us to adopt one of the five disciplines they offered: guidance, serving, study, simplicity, and prayer for the following epiphany season. I personally decided to adopt simplicity by writing a haiku everyday. By devoting time out of my day to write a haiku, I will be able to describe the simple objects in my everyday life and fully appreciate them. The haiku will also give me a tangible piece of evidence to help me follow this discipline.

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