Thursday Nights

by Joseph Sawyer, Vanguard

Today, you’re hearing from Joseph! A big part of his Vanguard experience has been the weekly small group times. Here’s his take:

“Thursday is the last work rotation day of the week for the Vanguards. To cap off the work rotation week, Thursday nights we have small groups. The eight Vanguard guys meet with Logan and the four girls split up to meet with Maddie. Us guys do some activity whether it’s tubing, broom ball, rock climbing, etc… and then we dive into a topic and talk about it. After our activity and our discussions, we split into groups of three. We share stuff from how our week went, the stuff we’re dealing with, God sightings, anything. Then, after sharing we ask for prayer requests. We all pray for one another in groups of three. Small group is definitely my favorite part of the week because of the activity, asking and finding answers in the Bible, what it’s like to be a man of God, and guys being vulnerable with one another and gaining trust. This is a big reason this group of guys is so tight.”

An incredible part of this dedicated time is the openness and flexibility to talk through the questions and needs of the group as they arise. While our Vanguard Resident Assistants, Maddie and Logan, design plans to guide their time, it’s largely based on faith and life challenges that confront us during the week. This gathering carves out space and time to be with one another, ask questions, and be led to God by our brothers and sisters in Christ.

— Sarah, Vanguard Coordinator

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