Arrived in the DR!

Arrived in the DR!

by Sarah Davis, Vanguard Coordinator

Vanguards are safe and sound at the Student’s International Jarabacoa base in the Dominican Republic – all of the logistics went off without a hitch! After HoneyRock gave them a huge sendoff, we arrived at the Burlet’s house Sunday evening. This morning, Evan and I drove them to O’Hare. Here are some quick snaps of that trip:



The pictures were taken in the U.S. of A. Hopefully the team can send us a pic in the DR! Tonight, they’re settling in and unpack at the base in Jarabacoa. Tomorrow, a day of cultural education. In the days that follow, Vanguards will work in their preassigned areas. Keep them in mind as they live and learn in Jarabacoa over the next few weeks!

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