Traveling Back to the U.S. of A!

by Sarah, Vanguard Coordinator

Vanguards arrived at the Santiago airport early this morning. As of now (9:45am), they are back in the U.S. – Miami, to be specific – and waiting for their flight into O’hare. So far, so good! Evan and I plan to pick them up from O’hare around 4:30 and begin the 6 hour drive to HoneyRock – we can’t wait to hear their stories!

Update: Vanguards boarded the plane from Miami to Chicago. Everything is on-time and going well.

Update #2: We’re back at HoneyRock! Rolled in around 11pm…all safe and sound 🙂

One Comment on “Traveling Back to the U.S. of A!

  1. No offense taken, we all know Grizzly’s the best. We all miss you but WOW this has been the most amazing experience for each of you!

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