Mustache March



by Julianna Burlet, Vanguard

I’m pretty sure most of you have heard of “No Shave November”, where men grow out their beards to raise awareness for prostate cancer. (Or some women, such as myself, use it as an excuse not to shave their legs–no shame ladies). Well, here at HoneyRock, a number of our men have decided to create “Mustache March” to raise awareness for absolutely nothing–just some good ole Northwoods fun. It started a few weeks back as a joking lunch conversation between a few of the male grad students and some of our Vanguard guys, but weeks later the community realized it was much more than a silly conversation, as it turned into this:


R to L: David, Andy, David, Logan, Joe, Chris, Abe, Will, Baronger

Glorious, aren’t they? (The mustaches, I mean–no offense guys). While this is all good and fun, I think it gives us a great example of how unique our community here truly is. While I don’t doubt that these teenage boys would do Mustache March at college, I think it’s rare for you to find a group of grad students (even the married ones), high school graduates, college graduates (the MST men), and even some of the permanent staff (such as George Polcaster, Construction Manager, and Chris Nafziger, High School Program Coordinator, working on his doctorate…) all rallying together around a ridiculous, nonsense tradition.

This wacky, diverse group of people that have been thrust together this year always seem to keep me on my toes. From playing intramural broomball every Monday night with families to witnessing Mustache March, I definitely have countless memories and stories to tell of this community for years to come. Of course the name Mustache March is a hard-hitting reminder that we’re in the home stretch for the Vanguard program, which is very bittersweet (70% bitter, 30% sweet–mostly because I miss my dog. Sorry mom). It’s hard thinking that we’re nearing the end, and I almost didn’t write about it because I’m still in denial, but it’s also a reminder to cherish each and every moment I have left with these wonderful people I now call family, and this place which I have grown to call home. But for right now, I’m just going to enjoy the ridiculousness of the mustaches, and I hope you all do too. 🙂

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  1. Loved reading this, Julianna! Your approach to writing is very captivating. Keep up the good work?

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