Ski Trip to Powderhorn 

As the Vanguards are recouping from a long day of travel from our Memphis trip, we’re bringing a post that had been drafted but never posted a couple moths ago (sorry, Josh)! Each winter, HoneyRock always takes a day for the whole community to go skiing in the UP. Here’s Josh’s recap of the day.

by Josh Mikkola, Vanguard

About two months ago the HoneyRock community took a ski trip to Powderhorn Ski Resort in Upper Michigan. This was my first time skiing, and boy did I enjoy it!  I started the day taking beginner skiing lessons with Rachel Cyrus. I learned from Rachel how to properly control my skis using the “pizza method”, in which you point your skis inward forming a shape to look like a pizza.  This method helps you control your speed.  At first I wouldn’t let myself go any faster than the pizza method would allow, but eventually I worked my way out of my comfort zone and started to get more and more speed. I also learned how to turn, stop, and fall over properly.
We started on one of the easiest hills but eventually I ventured off on my own to try some other ones. At one point I climbed all the way up to a hill only to realize that it was a “black diamond”, meaning it was one of the more challenging slopes.  So then I went on a blue (intermediate) one instead and completely wiped out.  I eventually worked up the courage to try another blue (intermediate) hill.  This time I successfully mastered the slope and really enjoyed it! Of course, I wiped out a few times, but nothing major. I ended the day with a blue hill called Ramrod that in my opinion could have been categorized a black diamond…should have labeled as a black diamond.  At first it seemed like a fairly easy ride until there was a drop off point in which I shot straight down and completely wiped out, losing both of my poles. Charlie got to witness the whole thing go down from a ski lift nearby. It was a comical way to for both of us to end the day.
All in all it was an amazing experience, and I would love to go downhill skiing again sometime in the near future. I am very grateful for Rachel’s lessons.  I learned so much not only about skiing but also about taking chances and not giving up.  At first I really wanted to quit, having to crawl my way around when I fell down, but by the end of the day I I mastered the challenge of intermediate hills.  It was definitely a very thrilling and rewarding experience.  I am so glad that I go to do this as part of my gap year and count it as one of the highlights in the Northwoods.

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